Since 1997

Back in 1997, John and Anna opened Santa Fe Pizza in the sleepy little village of Holland Landing. It was truly a “Ma & Pa” business in which they were present all the time and honed the unique and delicious blend of fresh ingredients, tangy sauce, handmade dough and premium blend of mozzarella cheese that create Santa Fe’s signature pizza experience. The little shop in Holland Landing thrived in a sea of big box, mass produced and mass marketed pizza conglomerates!

What makes our pizza so incredibly delicious?

Well, not much has changed today. We hear all the time that our pizza tastes like it’s really homemade…that’s because it practically is! Quality is baked right into every bite!

The Dough

We don’t receive our dough in shipments. Our unique gourmet dough is hand crafted in house and made fresh daily. It is never frozen and the only transport it ever sees is from our mixer to our walk in cooler!

Santa Fe’s One and Only Marinara Sauce

We have the finest sauce anywhere! Our secret ingredients infuse a combination of rich flavours, savoury seasoning and tangy tastes that culminate in a truly unique and exceptional taste.

Fresh Ingredients

Our toppings are selected based on Quality not Price !
Whether it is mushrooms straight from the farm or green peppers straight from the market, we buy our vegetables locally and prepare them fresh in house. From Pepperoni to Hot Portuguese Sausage, only the finest quality meats make the grade.

Premium Mozzarella Blend
What difference does cheese make? A huge difference! Our blend of Premium Saputo Mozzarella delivers delicious flavour without that ‘greasy’ taste.

Whether it is our fresh marinated and BAKED wings, our home made Italian sandwiches, our delicious Cheesie Bread or one of our signature pizzas, take a break from the ordinary and order from Santa Fe today!